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We solemnly promise to you: the sale of clothing to enjoy free maintenance! The service department will in the clothing sold after regular quality tracking, to ensure that each piece of clothing He Xin fit. Ji Jia good clothes and look forward to your sincere cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow! The specific commitments are as follows:

1. Ji Jia good clothing series after the sale of goods, in the normal wear, use, maintenance, washing conditions, if quality problems can enjoy the following services:
A) within 7 days since the date of the order, the company identified as the quality of the goods, but by card unconditional return policy: quality problems 7 days later in the term of service and after-sale, can return card discount.
B) Ji Jia good clothing series clothing after-sales service period: suit, jacket, sweater for 3 months, T-shirt, shirt, tie for 1 months.
2. suits, jackets are sold within 1 months, if there is quality problem, identified as process or material of the goods, in case of confirmation can be repaired, all enjoy free repair service.
3. suit jacket sold in any time after wearing, improper maintenance caused internal damage, confirmation can be repaired, companies can provide repair service charges.
4. a year as a result of the next column, the company free maintenance.
A) buttons, zippers, decoration abscission.
B) drop line, slotted etc.
5. the products are sold to various problems that occur within a year, according to the actual situation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company after-sales services, paid or unpaid service.
6. the Commissioner sent door-to-door to assist professional payment.
7. clothing issued after the try on that doesn't fit, I will promptly arrange professional after-sales service division unified modifications such as the modified still does not solve the problem, the company will be responsible for re manufacture.
8. consumers buy products in accordance with the instructions of the company in normal wear condition, and within a year can enjoy the warranty service:
A) off line, off buttons, zipper damage, free repair;
B) product appears with foaming accidents such as adhesive, free repair;
C) product folder cracks, free repair.
9. if the customer on the quality of customized products of individual dissent, guarantee to send professional and technical personnel on-site service in Guangdong Province, 24 hours, 48 hours outside the.
10.for customers, employees to establish and perfect the customer service database, make clothing, except in special circumstances (such as the body changes), may be exempted from personal again; such as the selection of fabrics and developed the company, make clothing fabric and color can be customized with a unified (batch chromatism rate control at level 4 or above).
11. the customer because of personnel flow additional individual orders, delivery is completed in 7 working days;
12. a small number of single supplement, can enjoy the same preferential and high-volume orders

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