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Enterprise's development is inseparable from the talent to join us. Today, Ji Jia good clothing business development needs to to the apparel industry professionals to open the door to build a can display personal ability and realize the large stage personal dream for the excellent talent.

1 position: Sales Representative (full-time, part-time) 5
Job requirements: college degree or above, good image. Good language expression and communication ability. More than one year sales experience in professional. (salary)
2 position: Sales Manager 1
Call of Duty: two years of professional sales and market development experience. Has the strong market promotion planning, team management and sales aspects of practical ability. Language expression capability is strong, has a wealth of experience in communication with the customer, staff management and training. (salary)
3 Title: 1 designers
Job requirements: A. bachelor degree, three years of professional design experience, familiar with the domestic and international career development trend;
B. better design ideas, strong ability of art appreciation and creative consciousness and ability of hand drawing;
Application of C. market dynamics and fabric; skilled use of a variety of fashion design software.
4 Title: 2 technicians
Call of Duty: to grasp the human dimension, version type characteristics and familiar with the workshop process; familiar with the application and production of cloth, garment quality control, plate making, printing experience.
Such as conforming to the requirements and expectations to join, we will provide you with career development space and broad generous salary.

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